Karen Kaye, Perth Vet Emergency veterinary nurse

Karen Kaye

Veterinary Nurse

From a young age, Karen Kaye has always loved animals. So it was only natural that a career helping them in some way was in her future. And being a veterinary nurse is the ultimate way to do what she loves.

Karen moved into emergency vet nursing for a new challenge and to be a more hands-on nurse. And working in an emergency vet hospital allows her the opportunity to do just that.

For Karen, there is no better feeling than seeing one of her patients recover and go home with their owners after a long stay in hospital.

She loves working at Perth Vet Emergency as every day brings something new and exciting. Karen finds she is constantly learning and growing with each patient she sees. She also loves working at Perth Vet Emergency because of the amazing team of vets and nurses she works alongside.

For someone aspiring to work in emergency medicine, Karen says to take the leap as it is a decision you won’t ever regret. In the emergency setting, you will learn so much and broaden your skills and meet many amazing people along the way.

Outside of being veterinary nurse Karen Kaye, you can find Karen enjoying trips to the beach and going to the gym.